The aim of the project is to define an organization that can combine with the slums. Slums organization is different from traditional villages which is organized around the 4 varna’s vertical model.
Slum model is based on jati’s horizontal laying. The jati organization organize nearness and it bring a social structure of the district. Inside a slum, uncountable jatis provide a sharpness of scale adjustments almost invisible. Invisibility doesn’t mean absence, cities are places of concentration and admixture. The frictions imposed by the multiple presences are unavoidable. These areas, between jatis, are unstable and potentially visible.
Our proposal allows such an organization by bringing housing volumes potentially related and organized on a single level. This organization can evolve, taking advantage of the tri-dimensional structure.
Allowing programmatic mutation of each voxel, that’s what this project provides. We add to the imposed volume by the program, potentials of voxels to the inhabitants. People living here can extend their living rooms or adding a terraces. This constructions can also spread above the streets
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