Ocean can be an hostile environment for Human being. No Landmark, no way to escape, horizon…
Surrounded by the immensity that as something to do with nothingness, this prison has no bars and no drawn boundaries. Devices are positioned in order to confront the prisoner to the extent of the ocean.
Prison is not just that floating building, it extends to infinity. Thus, the space-time differs somewhat from the mainland’s, a kind of parallel universe. The wheel that inevitably evokes funfairs, rythms days of detainees wether you are in your cell or on the platform by its perpetual motion
The platform brings a common territory its organization stimulates Sociability and Self-sufficiency of prisoners by an open circulation through all Facilities. As for the Wheel, brings a non-hierarchical Symbol to transport the prisoners’ privacy.
Like moats the surrounding waterfall prevents form escaping due to the force of its stream. This waterfall stream provides energy to the whole platform. It allows the prison to be bar-free
Thus, cells assembled form a wheel that is always in motion, oscillating hourly between four hundred meters and the seabed. A three hundred and sixty degrees panoramic view, built the interior atmosphere of cells: enchained by the void.
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